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Are You a Tailor or a Fashion Designer?

Social media pic. showcasing A-list Nigerian fashion designer Lanre Da Silva Ajayi of the eponymous label LDA.

Where vintage embraces contemporary fashion & style there you see LDA.

Are You a Tailor or a Fashion Designer?

As a researcher I compare and contrast and perceive the dichotomies based on the trend in our world. As far as I’m concerned, a tailor has raw talents but a fashion designer is gifted because she’s schooled, has skills, experience, can experiment.

A fashionista is one who makes haute couture or a lover and follower of fashion but in the case of a fashion designer (s)he’s both.

Now you can’t be a fashion designer without being a fashionista but a tailor though a clothe-maker may not! A fashion designer is a fashion icon but a tailor may not.

Fashion designers have passion for fashion and they explore and make exploits in the world of fashion.

To buttress my argument the difference between a PhD holder and a Prof. ideally is hinged on research and research is experiments, exploit and experience.

In our contemporary world, you can’t be an illiterate, semi-literate … and say or claim you’re a fashion designer, in other words you can’t make clothes as means to an end (exclusively as source of income) and say you’re a fashion designer.

Fashion designers research, follow trend, upgrade, update, attend fashion events, watch shows on fashion & style, follow fashion on social media they travel regionally, globally and  exchange ideas and ideals on fashion.

So why the stress?

Whatever your career  or business, seek further instructions, get skills, upgrade your mind, update your intellect.

In rounding off, the illiterate of our contemporary world – age of passwords, isn’t one who can’t read and write but one who has got 1990-model mind in 2017!

Happy Sunday!


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