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The Sports and Adventure Called Weight-Loss. (I)

Aerospace (Fitness Studio) New York. (Pic: Courtney Verrill/Business Insider)

We all need to exercise to attain and/or maintain our health just as we need happiness, good self-esteem, love … therefore exercise is experience for all, regardless of gender, irrespective of social class.

Be that as it may it’s good to love great things and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Now the fact that you’re exercising means you desire and deserve good, better … health so don’t exercise for losing weight but for health. Perhaps you’re conscious of your weight, I am and everyone should. Now the fact that you’re exercising is great, good news though you might not be losing weight but you’re not gaining either … but exercising on its own (not as means to an end) is visiting Health Island to mine and relish health.

No hard-and-fast rule in life but exercising for about 30 minutes 5 times a week isn’t bad but you need to consult your healthcare giver, most especially if you have underlying health issues.

Couples grappling with infertility don’t stop having sex and if I tell you that I’ve lost count of couples who waited for over 5 years to become parents and are now proud parents please believe me.

Many are celebs and some of these couples are even parents of triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets … thanks to sex and fertility drugs, the two formidable partners behind the success and above all God who’s obviously before and behind the two variables.

Now small but regular and nutritious meals with exercise are formidable partners in losing weight – safe mode – which is the health-friendly, lasting and inspiring version.  

Now with exercise you wine and dine with adorable hormones which makes you feel good, now stay good and enjoy yourself and your goals.

Success is a process and true success takes time and effort. Many of your friends who don’t have much flesh today may envy you tomorrow. Let me add pieces to that information: because you’re conscious of your weight you’ll send to the gas chamber overtime while they add day-by-day without even knowing.

Many of us including Governments lack maintenance culture and it’s applicable to our health. Slim, average or plus-sized, if you don’t maintain your weight today you might have to work more tomorrow. It’s easier to walk from Surulere to Yaba all in Lagos than Surulere, Lagos to Yaba, Ondo State.

Prevention is far better than intervention so watch out for predisposing factors – stress which may trigger gluttony and also make you bear malice with workout. Truth be told some eat right and exercise well but genes are the culprit but believe me they are enjoying relatively good health and are productive.


Fitness expert Micahel Tokunbo Olajide at Aerospace. (Pic source:Chelsea Pineda / INSIDER)

Olajide is a retired Light Middleweight boxer from New York City and he with former professional ballerina Leila Fazel founded Aerospace, pole dance and fitness studio in New York.


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