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Nigeria: Today and Tomorrow.

Nigerian schools kids (Credit: NAN)

The children are the future of tomorrow and whether we like it or not someday they will be on the summit leading their respective nations.

These kids (image) are minors and followers today but certainly they will become leaders tomorrow – political, business and religious leaders.

We’re always complaining about leadership which isn’t bad for leaders are the head but we fail to realize that leaders come from followers and a bad follower today would extend corruption (in quantity and quality) when he becomes a leader tomorrow.

GMB was obviously a follower 57 years ago when Nigeria became independent same with former president late Musa Yar’dua and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who left office 2 years ago, and President Mohammadu Buhari is there today so what am I saying?

Regardless of leadership-recycling that we profess, new leaders (who were once followers) will eventually emerge and in few years (maybe 10, 15, 25, 50) time new leaders will be at the vanguard. So though we always say that our leaders who are now elders don’t leave for the youths but those in power now and few years back were not there at the outset.

We all need fresh and positive orientation to thrash the negative indoctrination in us, in fact none is exempted. All of us – leaders and followers.

Corruption and news about corruption had eaten so deep into our system so much so that if we hear that a politician steals #200,000,000 we ignore because many individuals had stolen billions of Naira each.

Don’t forget corruption like pollution affects all. A man that is being owed 3 months salary is ready to bribe his way out of his trouble. But how?

Korede is yet to renew his vehicle particulars and a VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officer) stops him … he tells the officer why should I pay #9,000 plus into the account of a man (government) owing me #210,000?

Meanwhile the officer too is cash-strapped and he must enforce law and source money for Government through taxation otherwise his job may divorce him, don’t forget that could be highway to his wife divorcing him as well!

Korede doesn’t have #10,000 and so he decided to scratch the itching palm of the officer with #500 … and the officer pocketed after all, if Korede can’t pay #10,000 he shouldn’t korelo (go without dropping something) completely. His wife and kids must eat! Corruption right? Thank God you knew!

Our children would lead someday … meanwhile corruption is already making passes at them at their level. Adults are behaving (corruption mode) and they are seeing all these and learning fast and pathetically they are the leaders of tomorrow.

We are not proactive but reactive and so when our main source of revenue (oil) as a nation was threatened due to oil-price crash Government got broke and paying salary became big issue.

Advanced economies operate and source revenues on three fronts – 1. service industry 2. manufacturing and 3. agriculture – mechanized farming.

In their climes service industry is the biggest employer followed by manufacturing and agriculture. Here, our service industry – banking, media, telecoms … are crawling, manufacturing snoring yet agriculture we’d divorced for long and trying to woo back!

The right step in the right direction would get us there – tomb corruption, womb to power supply … yes send corruption to the morgue; power supply to labour-room and every other thing would fall in place!

Happy birthday Nigerians!

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