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The School Called Marriage.

And Monalisa Chinda said ‘I do’ to Joseph Benjamin on the set of Torn, a 2013 psychological thriller.

Marriage isn’t

Mr White in front of his white house listening to Lighthouse family with his family.


Suzzy, the Swiss in Nice, nursing baby Liz yet working 3 jobs.

So what am I saying?

If you’re not happy as a single, don’t feel joy will automatically come in marriage. As a lady, if you feel bad about yourself, marriage may never make you feel good as a woman.

Women passionate about romance-themed movies, music, novels, lifestyle magazines … may have unrealistic expectations of marriage but hey marriage is part of life and life is filled to the brim with roses and thorns, twists and turns … so love is extension of life and marriage is a school not heaven where angels live.

Mr. your wife is flesh and blood not saint so don’t expect her to pamper you 24/7. But it doesn’t mean it won’t be love and bliss all the way. You’ll enjoy certainly but again you’ll endure some things, some times.

We make provision for our guests and treat them like kings and queens that they are but guests are visitors not permanent residents but what happens when you hosts troublesome guests every month? Bile. Mood swings … so be accommodating and tolerant.

Sow good in your partner and she’ll release goodwill. Sweep goodness to him and he’ll be good to you.

Kids are raised in homes by adults and marriage isn’t child’s play so it’s 18+. Even at that, issues in marriage at times shake mature couples to their foundations but they usually weather the storms. They subscribe to God’s philosophy by buying the wares of wisdom and turning to wears.

In rounding off awesome marriage is 70% pleasure, 30% pressure not 100% pleasure!


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