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First Ladies of Nigerian Events.

First Lady, Elizabeth R Events – Ibidun Ighodalo, a former Beauty Queen (Lux Soap) and wife of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo. The Dorchester is a proud member of her Events Group.

These ladies are A-list events entrepreneurs in Nigeria and apart from being employers of labour they are making exploits and of course smiling to the bank.

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Ibidun Ighodalo is a prolific entrepreneur.

First Lady @ Zapphaire Events, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe.

Funke Bucknor is a foremost and leading events entrepreneur in Nigeria. (Instagram)

First Lady @ Enthyst Events, Ndidi Obioha. (luxury reporter.ng)

TV host and fashionista Ndidi Obioha is the MD Enthyst Group with interests in events, fashion and media. (guardian.ng)

First Lady @ Eventful, Yewande Zaccheus.

Yewande Zaccheaus isn’t just ebony beauty, brains as well. She’s undoubtedly one of the pioneers of events planning in Nigeria.

First Lady @ No Surprises, Funmi Victor-Okigbo (FVO) (woman.ng)

Boisterous Funmi Okigbo with signature Bohemian curls. Her passion for her job supersedes her care-free persona so don’t be deceived.

These wonderful women are gifted in handling your events with painstaking-perfection. So why wine and dine with stress when you can rest?

Why flirt with adrenaline when you can invite these ace consultants to handle your events?

Business (I mean business) is anchored on humanity, it fills vacancy by giving people what they like or taking away what they dislike. If your type of business gives people pains, stress, sweat then you’re not an entrepreneur but a criminal.

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