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Why Do We Ride and Not Drive Bicycles?

We burn more energy riding bikes than driving. (Image: ellis photo)

Bicycles don’t use energy (fuel) therefore the riders must supply the energy for locomotion. And the energy used in biking is chemical energy sourced from what we eat.

If bikes use fuel like cars we won’t have any need to bike but drive. The energy could be chemical as used in cars ….

There are diverse versions of energy in life and can be converted from one form to another so alternative energy could be used to power cars.

Your electric bulb converts electrical energy to light and heat but energy-saving bulbs don’t generate much heat and so saves more energy. Fireflies, convert part of their chemical energy to light which we see at night it’s got to do with their mating, electric fish have electrical energy- believe me if I tell you that we have a lot to learn from animals.

Solar is a form of energy so is wind, sound, electrical … have you seen someone carrying fan at the back of a commercial bike and the fan looks like it’s plugged to power source because the blades are moving but perhaps not so fast. Wind energy is powering it.

Fossil fuels are exhaustible and researchers are aware of this … in fact cars are now being powered by diverse mode of energy and perhaps not yet available in mass quantities.

Boats that use no fuel must be powered by paddle and the energy is supplied by the riders but speed boat use fuel and need no paddle and therefore it demands no energy from the rider.

Fish are specialists in swimming. (social media)

Fish burn part of their energy in swimming, birds in flying, ducks in walking, at times flying and sometimes swimming.

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