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The Need to Evolve as Individuals and Advance as Family.

The Tochukwu Anantis.

One second is insignificant to us but every second counts in life. Gratitude isn’t complacency and we need to advance in our thinking and lifestyles.

Charles is obviously making exploits and now reportedly an MTV base DJ. Even Aamani is now grown up and a Beauty Queen to behold. As an employer have you advanced; as an employee are you smarter?

(pics and info if you click)

Charles, Aamani and Gwen Ananti. When dad is fair and mum is oyinbo, many times kids express flair for fair. 

Aamani the birthday girl; celebrated her 1 year birthday earlier in the year she’s now 6 months older than this image.

If you’re not motivated you’re likely to become complacent and when you’re not challenged, your enthusiasm collapse and very soon you’ll expire and become obsolete.

Bills are hills and our taste are alps, they peak so fast, so much so that a man earning 80k per month without savings may not be able to save if he begins to earn 120k.

Now since you might not be able to tame your taste why not look for ways to broaden your pocket?

Perhaps through multiple streams of income, maybe work better to gain promotion, source job for your spouse and the like. The wider your pocket, the better for your family.

Upgrade your heart, update your mind and advance your intellect and social status.

Credit/source: Gabbyz Studio/bellanaija.


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