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The Perfect and All-Powerful God.

‘Beast’ defines elephants. (Pic source:

Elephants are big and strong but ants are stronger; now let me break my argument down.

If in a class of 20 students 9 made first class then ideally the class has more brilliant students than the one with 40 students which boasts of 10 first class students. Alternatively Mr. Olowolabi earns #500,000 per month and donated #50,000 to charity while Mr. Owolabi earns #200,000 and donated #30,000 who performed better? Of course Mr. Owolabi.

So in terms of size to strength ants are stronger than elephants. Now if God had given the strengths of ants to elephants then dictator Elephants would have destroyed life including humanity.

In America Bill Gates leads the billionaires and the president of ‘Moneyrica’ but President Donald Trump calls the shots in America; Billionaire Aliko Dangote is the wealthiest in Nigeria but President Muhammadu Buhari occupies the most honourable office in same.

Now in few instances where the one that occupies the No 1 office, becomes the wealthiest perhaps by looting public funds and goes dictatorial he might stir the Hornet’s nest of world powers and may be thrown out of office in the end.

If he leaves honourably his life may keep him company in life but if he goes war-mode his soul could be exported out of life.

Even the one not forcefully removed from office would eventually leave same when his soul says bye-bye to his body.

So what am I saying?

God is the only numero uno and He shares His glory with no one.

No matter how wealthy, powerful, intelligent, beautiful … you’re, you’re human after all and humans are mortals so exercise restraints in all your actions and inactions in life.

In rounding off if you’re conscious of your mortality you’re indirectly inviting wisdom into your mind and heart and it won’t play hard-to-get.

Happy Sunday!



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