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Who’s Guilty; Who’s Not?

The Durotoyes: Fela and Tara. Fela is a public cum motivational speaker and Tara is a makeup artist, beauty consultant and First Lady @ House of Tara.

Women accuse men of being too sensitive to their bodies and claim they actually plant the seed of envy, jealousy and insecurity into them not to forget the attendant consequences … yes many men are guilty of this but they say people can’t make you feel inferior unless you erect your self-esteem on the foundation of external validation.

But women are also guilty of this – in the case of Funmi  and Funto.

Funmi talking to Funto

“I can’t date you for you’re too diminutive for my liking. I want men who are not miserly in the height department. Headmasters lead school, ‘heighmasters’ lead women because we love height. Yes men whose legs are on the ground but head on the sixth floor. Now in case you don’t get my argument, I’ll substantiate – yes guys who are six-footer and who are real men yes those whose pockets are ‘6 feet tall’ like 2baba, the Innocent Idibias of this world!”

Emeka to Amaka

“Amaka we’ve been friends for long but I can’t marry you. Honestly I’m addicted to women who’re aggressors, yes those with vicious butt, atrocious bust … women who can flood and carry you away with their overflowing curves. Canadians know Kardashians because they’ve got troublesome bodies that even if they try to hide with thick clothes they scream you cannot hide me. Women who can kill like Kim yet have mercy like Johnson. “

Amaka’s ego got bruised and her self-esteem fell from 6 feet to ‘ground zero’ and she begins to feel less human like Funto after Funmi reduced him to mere numbers.

Conclusion: self-love and gratitude conquers all. You don’t need validation from significant others to value your brand though their inputs might boost your self-esteem.

By contrast people’s negativity shouldn’t deprive you of your bliss, peace and fulfillment in love and life. And the bitter truth – no one, I repeat no one is perfect it might not be obvious to you but that ‘perfect lady’ is conscious of her own blemish; that man knows where his ‘pimples’ lie or hide though you see or feel you see only ‘dimples.’ So why let a man or woman who has got blemish change yours from 10 to 100%?

Movie stars, models on covers of magazines, TV commercials … are not angels from heaven but humans like you and I.

Self-love and security.


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