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Month: November 2017

Health/Wellness Relationships

‘Hills and Valley.’ (Female Version).

African actress Yvonne Okoro expressing self-love via selfie. (social media pic) Not ‘Hills and valley’ but ‘hills or valley’. Yes such describes life because many phenomena don’t and many more can’t go together in life for instance you can’t be…


Communication, Love and Dialogue Password to Peace in Your Marriage.

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) (social media) Leaders usually stand tall and stand out and many times people subconsciously see height in success. And countless times successful diminutive people are embarrassed when people meet them for the first time and they…

Entertainment and more

Stylish Ankara Tops.

Ankara attire suits diverse shapes, shades … and seamlessly perfect your fashion sense so you come out angelic, iconic. Ankara fabric is so flexible and dynamic that it activates and motivates fashion designers to express their creativity to no limit….

Entertainment and more

The Vision of the Army.

Weeks back: Zimbabwean Military tanks on the street. (Getty) The mission of the army is war but the vision is peace. The Zimbabwean army expressed that earlier in the month. They went to ‘war’ to establish, stability, tranquility and posterity…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Victims of Domestic Violence (II).

Hands that embraced in love shouldn’t engage in violence. (social media) Women are natural linguist and their mouths manufacture words ceaselessly and this usually give them an edge in misunderstandings in marriage. Though some men are skilled in the game…


Victims of Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence is multifaceted and deserves holistic intervention. (pic source: shuttertsock) To every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities and this maxim of mine lends credence to the dictum no hard and fast rule in life. Domestic violence is…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Stereotypes on the Pathway of Photographers.

Cornade, boss @ CMC (pic source: CMC) Every profession has got its inherent stereotypes as such members of that profession have something wholesome or noisome to endlessly contest and grapple with. Positive stereotype: Medicine is a discipline with the smartest…

Health/Wellness Relationships

Your Edge in Love and Life.

Creativity is finding a way to stop your challenges – in your academics, career, business, relationships … otherwise they might stop your progress and success. (pic source: shutterstock) The poultry farmer who takes his time to clean his eggs stained…


‘Breaking Your Fast with Breakfast.’

Breakfast is such an important meal of the day (pic source: shutterstock) Breakfast is such an essential meal and ignoring same is like wining and dining with stress, which is going head-to-head with stressor, and ill-health overtime. Your ideal 8…

Providence/Life Relationships

Round the World. (II)

Love is a continuum: dating, courtship, wedding, babies, anniversaries, kids birthdays. (social media) Couple Mariam-Musa in Jigawa, Nigeria Mariam, heavily pregnant woke her husband Musa up at 5:00am and said to him “Darling, how time flies so it’s 11 months…

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