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Footsie is a behaviour (pic source: shutterstock)

Given the fact that we are all adults I guess of course we have no issue unraveling the puzzle in the gesture above.

If a man is interested in a woman he must release the cork sealing words in his mouth but if it’s the reverse, women speak without actually speaking though the daring ones could go verbal but quite uncommon!

Non-verbal cues with eyes, body gesture, body contact ….

Sensibly speaking the extreme a man could go in asking a woman out is touch her ears with words, send words via text messages, social media … but women enjoy some privileges in love and life and one of them comes under the label ‘footsie’ as pictured above.

Even in very formal settings as offices a lady could send a man ‘text message’ just with her legs.

Office tactics:

a woman interested in her boss, colleague, subordinate … may ‘mistakenly’ drop her pen to show ‘Cliff’ her cliff, as well as her cleavage ….

As colleagues some might ask you for lunch or casually offer to buy you same at the cafeteria.

Rita is fund of using Peter’s phone to call or text her friends and when handing back the device to its owner she sometimes says, “Thanks dear but no thanks, for you hardly call or text me on weekends, not even after close of work. If you don’t use your credit on me I’ll use on my friends.” You know what that means now?

The hitchhikers:

once in a while Atinuke deliberately leaves her car at home and often asks her colleague Aletile for free ride. Tiwatope (Atinuke’s casual friend and colleague) knew what’s up and wanted to spoil her show one evening when she saw her chatting with Aletile and so she volunteered to courier her home.

“Atinuke, care if I drop you along the way?” Tiwatope had suggested.

“No, I’ve cold and the oye (AC) in your car is bad!” Atinuke quipped.

“But you told me few hours back that the weather was unbearably hot, any way I may decide not to put it on just for you madam Tee babe!” Tiwatope concluded.

Tiwatope’s thoughts: I don spoil her game, bad girl. You better start carrying placard that you need husby!

Atinuke’s thoughts: ‘which kain gbese be this na? Na me you come research for Lagos? You don marry, I never do, you get Katherine always singing ‘M’ for Mandarin, on top that your baby bump na bomb & barrel maybe 2 or 3 we never know abegi mind your business o gbeborun!’

And Tinuke finally replied, “Oh thanks girlfriend, I want someone that will drop me at my street junction!”

All these gestures is just to get close so as to become landlady in your mind, by doing things that will make you think of her and her alone and gradually she’ll begin to worm her way into your heart, lobatan.

So who says women don’t make passes at men too?  


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