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‘For Better or Worse.’

Kissing is cleansing, it prevents and cure  hissing (singler photography.com)

In Ben-Naomi Relationship:

Naomi’s favourite part of lovemaking is foreplay and kissing tops her list, takes the lead and never lets her down. The experience always deliver her gift of fun and fulfilment undiluted.

However sex proper is Ben’s favourite but of course they usually maintain healthy balance.

Many couples (especially elite) perceive kissing as the icing on the cake and the cake itself. But in the case where a partner has got halitosis (mouth odour) for better or worse comes into play and whispers:

Thank God and never send your mouth on vacations because of the loophole. Mouth odour is too trivial to cause disconnection in signals and inevitable disconnect in intimacy. Not enough to cause power outage, so restore if there’s one and as they say in Nigeria Up NEPA!

Now don’t tell me you don’t take drugs when you’re ill and most drugs are bitter but hey the smell isn’t so bad and with time, with love the smell may turn to lavender.

But hey don’t be complacent so nothing stops you both from seeking medical help.


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