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The 18+ in Marriage.

The groom Nigerian R&B music act Bankole Wellington (aka Banky W) with his groomsmen.

The centre is for central figures and men are key figures in their homes.

As a man be central in your home and family. Be your wife’s bosom friend, companion and confidante. Leaders are mature and maturity and responsibility explodes from 18+

A leader shows remarkable understanding and listens to advice and counsel, he’s smart but not the smartest all ways, always and so he buys ideas, inputs of others and implement in his leadership.

Your wife isn’t a domestic staff but colleague, fan, friend and support-base so run your home together. There are times you’ll be right, there are times you’ll be wrong but understanding and tolerance conquers all.

People come together to celebrate you and your bride and later wife but they won’t sail the ship of your marriage for you. Women marry men who are ideally older, richer, taller, bigger, smarter to be led and leadership involves humility and humanity.

So lead and be led! Say no to domestic violence by NOT starting at all otherwise it may escalate and become a pattern.

Mature men don’t express their feelings via their fists but dialogue.

Congrats to the newest families across the globe.

The groom Bankole Wellington with his groomsmen.


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