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The Sam Adeyemis. (social media)

Pastors Samuel-Adenike Adeyemi are First Family/Couple @ Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos.

Individual and familial success are Siamese twins, they are one – the success of a member of a family is that of all members and that of family tickles and trickles down to all individuals in same.

Now if you don’t comprehend the factor called success it’s possible for people to ‘define’ it for you thereby making you see failure where you’ve got success and feel like a failure where your first name is Success for it keeps smiling, hugging and kissing you.

Success is a trip and success here and there add up to birth phenomenal achievements and accomplishments, and consolidation is what you need to advance your immediate success.

Add the title ‘success’ to your marriage, academics, business, career, political office ….

Fame without fortune isn’t complete and fortune without bliss and peace is emptiness. Self-love, self-respect, self-esteem are successes at hand for you as an individual, password and pathway to achievement, fulfillment later in life. 

Above all show gratitude to God, be diligent and have a successful week!

♦The Sam Adeyemis celebrated the Golden-Jubilee (50th birthday) of Adenike and 24 years of marriage earlier in 2017.♦



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