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Proactive vs Reactive

Sanitation is essential to individuals, families and communities. (social media)

Prevention they say is better than intervention therefore fight your challenges early enough and save lots of money and time.

Fighting mosquito is a proactive measure that prevents malaria but fighting malaria is reactive and so much more expensive.

If you’re down with malaria you spend more than falling and stopping mosquitoes, in addition you lose man-hours (which is equivalent to money). You spend more in the hospital and may God restore your health and preserve your life.

Shade noticed that rats had infested her home but she paid no attention till they went on rampage and sent her (bouncer) away before eating her noodles.

The rats beat and  bit the bouncer (carton) open the gate and had direct access to her noodles, they didn’t stop there but went ahead to make a meal out of her office files, school documents, expensive bags, shoes and even peed on her white isale-apoti (best attire in the wardrobe) and left their signature perfume behind.

Shade was furious and went to war and in the end she conquered them but the deed had been done!

Shola on the hand gathered her armies and weapons the moment she moved into her new apartment and heard rats staging Christmas carol  and in the end she smiled.

It’s smart to be proactive rather than reactive!


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