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Wake Up Those Sleeping and Snoring Talents.

Nigerian singer-cum-songwriter Aramide (pic credit: social media)

If you’re using an analogue meter and you travel on a journey without contacting Power Company staff members to update them to disconnect your light … you’ll come back and pay the bills – bills that wasn’t used in the first place! How painful!

That’s how bad and painful it is if you fail to utilize the talents, skills and resources God deposited in you! Hey you’re like the Biblical servant who buried the talents his master gave him only to retrieve on demand by his boss and went on to accuse him.

If you’ve got ‘fire (power) source’ in your car and since you don’t smoke you fail to convert to charging your phone and it lies fallow yet you drive for miles daily and still complain of flat phone battery, then your car manufacturer may not be happy with you for not using maximally the facilities in your car.

Don’t say you couldn’t develop your talents because of lack of money, maybe bad economy of your country or whatever. Let this article ginger and motivate you to taking that crucial step – positive step toward it today.


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