‘Mentoring Your Big Girl’.

Early puberty if not well managed may lead to teen pregnancy and the like. (credit: social media)

In our contemporary world girls of 11, 12, 13 … have bodies of ladies who are 19, 20 … these are big girls and a typical big girl has adult’s body but a child’s mind and because she’s immature she may not be skilled enough to handle men appropriately much less the trappings and consequences of romantic relationships.

Early onset of puberty births small big girls.

If an ideal man meets a lady whose face had not been touched by the artist called age he might be confused and to calm and settle the steaming water in his kettle  he looks at her garden (bosom) and if she’s got two small apples like African star apple (agbalumo) then she’s not yet a gbajumo (in this context too young to be dated) now if she’s got none at all then he concludes that she’s a minor and would probably let her be but interestingly if she’s a minor but has two major apples in her garden then there’s wahala and it’s wahala dey o for parents, if they don’t make hay while the sun shines.

Girls in this demography becomes preys not only to ideal men, paedophiles as well who know they are girls not ladies.

To this end your ‘big girl’ who’s got small mind needs early (yeah earlier) sex education  vis-à-vis others, to advance her mind and expose her to the reality of life.

Try and peak her mind so that her mind may be ‘at par’ with her body and this will make her sensitive, sensible and mature enough.

Her emotional intelligence will come handy, a sure weapon to fight-off men, early sexual encounter … and in the end she will not only abstain from sex but also distance herself from unintended pregnancy, abortion and STIs.    

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