Priceless Life Lessons.

The behaviours of leaders while in office define them when out of same. (credit: social media).

The life we live on earth is part I and part II continues in heaven.

I’m sure virtually all of us had watched one movie or the other which ended unceremoniously and we affirm that there must be part II … many events in life are like that.

Generally life may not have ended but lives of individuals end on a daily basis and what next after death?

Life is full of stress yet we all want to live long here but death is so peaceful yet it triggers loads and lots of anxiety in us – irony of life!

If you’re in governance today, remember someone was there yesterday and tomorrow you won’t be there anymore therefore you’ve got ample opportunity to make huge and positive impact now that you’re there.

Many followers in the past later became leaders and would again become followers … and many of them are regretting they never did their very best when they had the power to influence, change events and transform lives and society. Instead they abused their offices.

The lady that’s using her veto power on a man in love with her today may later realize that power belongs only to God and He could take and give to someone else and if He does she’d realize that love is so fragile and life is too delicate¬† but it may be too late to make amends.

The man tormenting his wife today may come to regret his actions if she finally leaves and he finds none like her again. Hmmmm, the college called life!

‘Mr Governor, Mr. President. Your Excellency …’ just for a while, remember time flies!

You’re a leader today because God chose you and made the electorates to endorse you and if you misuse your opportunity you may live to regret your actions and inactions for life.

Same way a dead man who lived life badly would have loved to have another opportunity to come back, erase the past by living wonderfully well. Too late!

We’re all humans, and so mortal therefore don’t let your wealth, intelligence, beauty, prestige, fame and fortune … get to your head. Everything will go away someday and the only things left of you will be your memories.

Live life like it’s your last, impact positively and when your soul leaves your body heaven will smile that their missing angel is back and the world will cried that they’d lost their hero perhaps heroine.


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