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‘The Wealthy Pauper’.

Man hours are lost in trying to source fuel, a basic commodity now luxury item. (credit: social media)

Energy can be converted from one form to another and when a nation is abundantly blessed with fossil fuel, solar and wind energy yet the citizenry wine and dine with darkness no thanks to epileptic power supply then they are 100 years backward.

As barbaric as corruption.

No energy to power our factories, homes and offices and to add insult to our injuries we grapple with scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit we call petrol. More like air crying for oxygen.

When are we going to prove to the world we are civilized people when the wealthy pauper in us continue to dance in tattered clothes?

In Nigeria we’re likened to a man accusing another of speaking too much English and says, “Hey, buddy grandiloquent English is dropping from your oral department and remember simplicity is the mother of effective communication, so please come down to our level.”

Leaders and followers. Corrupt people claiming to fight corruption and accusing another of corruption!

Our leaders are more guilty and I hold them responsible that’s not to say however that followers are not equally corrupt and executing theirs at their level which isn’t loud and conspicuous.

Another fuel scarcity … already booming. When are we going to be a civilized nation?


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