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The Neighbours Called Love and Life

Many marriages and homes came to be big thanks to friends. (credit

‘Good bad friend qualifies’ Monica.

Monica and Georgina (26) were best of friends, classmates in college and later colleagues. Monica had a boyfriend Mike whom she had been dating for about 1460 days and was anxiously waiting for him to propose marriage; while her friend Georgina was unattached.

Both friends went to the movies one weekend where they met Caleb a 28-year-old advertising executive. He looked rugged but only on the surface … Caleb had soft spot for blondes and the moment his eyes fell on Georgina, his mind picked and his heart ticked her. Monica was happy yet again for her friend.

The two friends had many things in common save their ideologies on one aspect of love. Georgina believed what all men want in love was sex and since she wasn’t a sex machine she wasn’t ready to date any man yet she wanted babies in the future though it’s possible in contemporary times, thanks to medical science. However Georgina didn’t arrive at that cognition of her own volition but from experiences of families, friends and relatives.

Monica on the other hand had no issues with men. Her dad was wonderful, her uncles great, her in-laws lovely so her environment made her perceive men as (firstly) love-seeking and then sex-craving creatures.

Now it wasn’t that Georgina had not been having suitors but she had been driving them away for she was too rigid and Monica knew where this would eventually lead and land her … and so she had decided to step in to prevent her friend from becoming single for too long.

Yeah when Georgina started her drama with Caleb Monica began her games and it never got to the stage where he got pissed off and eventually left.

Monica lied many times to Caleb that Georgina had fallen in love with him and was only waiting for the right time. She said Caleb’s picture was used as her wallpaper on her phones and laptop and the like. Now if Georgina had knew this she would have distanced herself from Monica on the basis that she was disloyal, dishonest, a big liar and betrayal and lowering her standards and pride, as well as dragging her in the mud.

Many times Caleb called and many times Georgina ‘missed’ his calls but Monica stood in the gap for her. She forced her to beep Caleb so he could call back and succeeded sometimes but failed many times. Sometimes Monica picks her friend’s phone and forwards messages to Caleb but she was almost exposed one day and she subsequently stopped!

Caleb struggled but held on till the end, thanks to Monica who made things less difficult for him.

Georgina finally began to respond to Caleb and shortly after she began to reciprocate his love.

Interestingly they got married 9 months later but at this juncture Monica had grew tired of waiting for Mike’s proposal but amazingly the night Georgina informed Monica of her pregnancy was the night Mike proposed to her and the day Georgina was delivering of her baby was the day Monica was walking down the aisle with Mike!

There are many Monicas and Georginas in our world.



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