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Week 19 EPL Results and Analyses.

Sergio Aguero reportedly made history with his brace – scoring his 100 and 101st goals at the Etihad. (image credit: AFP)

Arsenal 3-3 Liverpool: teams that are likely to win the league don’t usually lose matches they ought to have outrightly won instead they draw where they ought to have lost and many times win emphatically games they ought to have won! The goalkeeping department is part of defense and so Liverpool defense is still below expectations!

Everton 0-0 Chelsea: the Toffees and the Blues!

Brighton 1-0 Watford: the Hornets!

Man City 4-0 Bournemouth: surprise surprise these red-hot Citizens perform beyond expectations sometimes and they are becoming invincible. They went through first leg undefeated and as the second-leg begins let’s see how far they will go; but can they go the whole season undefeated like the Gunners of some years back? Time will tell!

However if (maybe when) you guys eventually lose, please get your acts together immediately and stay motivated. Loss is part of the game of football and don’t let your loss dampen your morale so much so that you lose back-to-back or begin to lose like loss is going out of fashion; teams that fight till the end win eventually so if you slip don’t sleep!

Southampton 1-1 Huddersfield:

Stoke 3-1 Westbrom: two struggling sides met and combated. The Baggies are struggling big time. Let the fear of relegation peak your motivation to performance and excellence.

Swansea 1-1 Crystal Palace: the Eagles (Crystal Palace) showed signs and symptoms of relegation at the beginning of the season but it seems they are hale and hearty now but hey it’s a journey so keep performing to stay in top-flight English football come next term: (2018-2019) season.                                                                

WestHam 2-3 Newcastle: you can’t really predict the Magpies.

Burnley 0-3 Tottenham: high-scoring Spurs like Man City, kudos.

Leicester 2-2 Man. United: 13 points now separate Man United from table toppers Man City!



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