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Fertility and Related Issues in Marriage (II).

Nollywood practitioner Ivie Okujaye joyfully shared the pic of her expectant status on Instagram few days back as Christmas gift to her fans.

Other opinions of family and friends to women waiting for the fruit of the womb –

A Friend’s instruction:

“… Doyin, use water to wash your ‘woman’ before sex with your hubby. The water will neutralize the acidity in you. Acids kill sperm you know!” Toyin, Doyin’s friend submitted.

A cousin’s advice:

“… Helen, my pastor says fast for 3 days and use sex to break the fast on each day!” piped Megha, Helen’s cousin.

Yuppie landlady to tenant:

Iyalode, this is not the time to do woman-on-top position o so put that aside my dear don’t work against gravity instead utilize it!” that was coming from a landlady to her tenant whom she branded iyalode because her tenant liked events more than money.

Elder sister to younger sister:

“Babe please cry in bed o, after all you’re not staying in face-to-face apartment, even for those in such apartments radio with increased volume will do … your moans will register in your brains that you’re enjoying sex and you start enjoying it much more, orgasm is highway to organism, yeah your baby. Need I say positive is the parent of positive and this force and energy tell your body to mold your baby with endorsement and support from sweet sex and so they set the baby!”

Colleague’s opinion to her friend who was waiting and praying:

“Dear don’t enjoy sex o or pretend not to if you’re; if you’re enjoying sex God may not see a need to grant you your heart desires, after all you’re enjoying not suffering but if you no shake, you bone face, tight body, God will pity you and fill you up!”

Mother to daughter:

Oko mi, olowo ori mi please eat lots of chicken eggs, it’ll help your own eggs to become sticky so once his ‘tadpole’ swims to and touch your egg she will open the door, catch him, close and padlock the door immediately!”

Advice of a congregant:

“My dear, forget your worries, free your mind, love him and his tool, stay cool and let your pool hug and kiss his tool. Now live in the moment, enjoy the sex, forgive him if he had earlier hurt you so you can cherish his sex and that will perish infertility … once he offloads, download your baby and you’ll later upload your baby bump.”

To couples waiting for the fruit of the womb, don’t be desperate, say no to anxiety and avoid being misled!

Believe in God, show gratitude to Him, relax your mind, see your healthcare-givers, follow their instructions to the letter, don’t play hard-to-get in bed o in fact, ask for more and wait for your good news to come meanwhile enjoy life – your present status isn’t highway to hell, ill-health nor prison!

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