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Fertility and Related Issues in Marriage.

American singer Ciara was full, and full of life and proudly carrying the little life within her (credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Cosmopolitan)

Once married the tummy of the woman becomes tourist site which attract many inquisitive eyes.

The curiosity is peculiar to Africa but in America and Europe many couples marry though they had planned in advance not to have babies until perhaps 3 years (or more) into their union and some don’t even want any baby however some of this latter category may later adopt.

As a newly wedded woman in Africa you’re the twitter that eyes follow about and after 6 months or thereabout and your tummy is still flat like pan cake … when your beholders felt your tummy should be turning then family, close friends may gradually start to voice their minds, opinions, suggestions ….

Now the longer it takes a woman to conceive the more people voice their feelings and opinions which could be logical, illogical, rational, irrational, imaginable unimaginable ….

Please note that your health-caregivers are in the best positions to guide you through your path to fertility –  conception, through gestation and childbirth and opinions published here are figment of the writer’s imaginations and even if you endorse one or more … please see your doctors. We are all 18+. 

The article highlights the fact that confusion in lieu of solution takes over when multiple opinions and suggestions converge, after all we’ve got different experiences and beliefs.

Let’s access some of these opinions:

Hauwa chatting with her colleague (Amira) who’s looking forward to her first pregnancy:

“… Amira, my doctor told me that every woman has a peak period of fertility which is synonymous with high conception and all you need do is discover yours with the help of your doctor and connect with your husband, Ahmed at the nick of time.”

Hauwa went further to expatiate her points. “Yeah this is comparable to a student reading voluminous textbook and another focusing on area of concentration as given by their lecturer who was sincere enough, though at the outset of the semester he encourages them to read wide and wild by giving them impromptu tests … and does the reverse at exam time. Now all things being equal, who’s likely to make distinction in the exam?” Hauwa (Amira’s colleague) finalized with a rhetoric question.

Grammy award winner Ciara gladly rocking baby bump powered by her first child (Credit: James Devaney/WireImage)


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