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Week 21 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses (Day I).

The Foxes will reveal a lot about the Reds today. (social media)

Bournemouth vs Everton: Bournemouth welcome Everton but will the Toffees grab the 3 points? Maybe! The Cherries may likely succumb to the superior firepower of their guests. Bournemouth win: 30%; Everton win: 40%; draw: 30% 

Chelsea vs Stoke City: are the Blues going to humiliate the Potters one more time? They are likely to win but humiliation I don’t know! Chelsea win: 40%; Stoke win: 30%; draw: 30%

Huddersfield vs Burnley: this game should be explosive, full of suspense but as far as I’m concerned the outcome is unpredictable.

Liverpool vs Leicester: And the Reds welcome the Foxes to Anfield. Liverpool might win but sure their guests will expose them! Liverpool are cheetah going forward but the Foxes are specialists in ambush and their razor-sharp counter-attacks of old may be replicated today.

Don’t forget habits could be hidden but many times they don’t leave completely.

I perceive the defense of Liverpool as improving and feel, see the Foxes bombarding same and consequently x-raying the state of their back-door: how strong or weak maybe improving it’s getting. Liverpool win: 40%; Leicester win: 38%; Draw: 22%

Newcastle vs Brighton: The Magpies go head-to-head with the Seagulls!

Now who’s got more guts, and the key to the jeep? Missy Eliot had asked in her lyrics now I’m asking the ‘Desmond Eliots’ of the football world. An unpredictable game!

Watford vs Swansea: if the Hornets underrate the Swans their visitors will surprise them. Watford win: 40%; Swansea win: 35%; Draw: 25%.             

Man United vs Southampton: the Red Devils should have an emphatic win today except they waste their numerous opportunities. Man United win: 40%; Southampton win: 28%; Draw: 32%


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