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Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity (II)

Wonderful women make life beautiful.

Eve, was the first human (woman) to have contact with the devil (serpent) interestingly Holy Mary another woman conceived and delivered of Jesus and another woman Mary the Magdalene was the first to see Jesus after his crucifixion.

A man can ‘marry’ another woman outside, get her an apartment, have kids with her without the knowledge of his legitimate wife; similarly a woman can go into extramarital affairs have kid(s) for another man and keep mute and so her hubby automatically believes he’s the biological father.

The man’s secret doesn’t last for long but the female version could especially if the biological father of the children didn’t know as well.

Many women are blessings to their family, society and humanity and some are the reverse, same with men.

Women gossips but only what they want to. Women are deep and spiritual beings and very secretive if they’ve got something to hide.

Women put pepper in the eyes of Biblical David even though David bought and ground the pepper himself so they are not to blame. Solomon wasn’t spared; Samson was sent sprawling on the floor … by Delilah.

Joseph had contact with one woman who was referred to as Portiphar’s wife and she was probably anonymous because she couldn’t kill the dreams of Joseph but even at that she sent him to prison.

Many clerics, sports men, leaders … home and abroad who didn’t perceive women as sacred and sex fragile end up losing their career, business, fame and fortune, not to talk of goodwill, political office, appointments, anointing … in some cases a woman may deliberately set out to bring down a man but in many others it’s the man that pursues so it’s not that women are bad generally but it’s extramarital affair that is.

Many women are wonderful but when a man sees women as sex, pleasure and not mature enough to tread his path carefully then he automatically stirs the hornet’s nest and we cry wolf – blame the man not his women!

Ideally if a woman especially your mum maybe wife has got your back and honestly wants you to succeed … believe me you’re a success already if on the other hand your mum or wife is your opponent believe me you’ll do merry go-round before your big break but it’s huge blessing for you if they were unjustly offensive.

There are cases where men destroyed the homes of their ex, female friends and colleagues because those men were evil. Some try to wreck them financially using blackmail based on their past and finally destroy their present.

The man who raped his daughter, maims or kills his wife ends up in jail if caught, a woman afflicting her family with her spiritual powers is like a green snake under the green grass and goes unnoticed, unsuspected for a l-o-n-g time. In fact, many who want to help her family members will go to her with their plans, dreams and desires not knowing that the gesture is like leaving your toddler-girl maybe preteen with your paedophile neighbour while you go to work.

A girl defiled by her dad knows that her baba is evil, dangerous, atrocious but a woman spiritually sabotaging the efforts of her hubby and family is innocent and the kids including her hubby many times disclose their plans and projects to her. The man might even divulge novel ideas, strategies to his better-half (sorry worse-half) thereby furnishing her with information to be used against him and that’s to his own detriment!

Infertility issues many couples grapple with could have spiritual undertone so is sudden job loss, onset of illness, divorce ….

Some women are evil but they are wolf’s in sheep clothing same with men, however a woman who is d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e and p-a-s-s-i-o-n-a-t-e to stop you at all cost might use all avenues, opportunities, weapons (accessible, inaccessible) to combat you and so apart from her spiritual activities against you she would be physically atrocious, malicious and iniquitous and this makes you suspect her, after all you could see all the tell-tale signs like letters on the wall but you kept mute about it and again managed to convince maybe confuse yourself to feel such was innocent.

To expatiate my argument a housewife notorious for repeatedly denying her hubby sex yet made her home oven and since the man didn’t want his heart or mind to start misbehaving and finally embark on industrial strike he finally decides to find another home outside so he leaves home very early in the morning and comes back at night and before long he finds a mistress … now this same wife may go about blackmailing, embarrassing him even at his workplace.

She lies and reports him to his boss, pastor or imam, friends and family … and may even go to the extent of sleeping with his friend maybe boss ….

Of course the man will know his wife is his enemy but may not want to come to terms with the truth and so experiences denial now if this man is told by clerics that his wife was manipulating him spiritually he may not deny it – he might even have ‘evidence’ to back the allegations.

Yet many maim or kill their wives, sisters, mums … because they were told that they were the forces responsible for the challenges in their lives yet they had no reason whatsoever to believe such allegations but their hearts were faster than their minds and what happens to these men in the end? Of course they end up in prison some go 6 feet down no thanks to capital punishment!

Now truth be told everyone is innocent until proven guilty and in many cases many of these women who are victims of domestic violence (triggered by false allegations and accusations) are truly innocent but for those who’re guilty, where is the law that will prove that a woman is behind a man’s misfortune via spiritual machinations and manipulations! After all the law doesn’t recognize events that exist in the spiritual realm, though many court judges especially in Africa believe in the phenomenon.

Image: the Wellingtons – Nigerian close-knit family.


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