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2018 Prayers for You All.

And the proposal came on gondola on the waters of Venice.

Those who live in a glasshouse must throw stones

Bro. that idle ring finger of yours all these years will carry stone this year and the finger of your customized sister will do matriculation in 2018. Amen.

Motorists Waiting to Join Baby Bump Traffic

You fancy the trending lifestyle of expectant mothers sharing pictures of them proudly rocking their baby bumps on social media and trust you ‘Miss Swag’ you can’t wait to join the league, in fact yours will be topnotch.

Yes God will expand your tummy and enlarge your family in 2018 so be ready to erect speed bump on social media highway capturing eyes, captivating hearts with your © baby bump.

Legs through Bikes to Ride.

Perhaps you jump from bike-to-bike, wave at cabs, run after commercial buses to get to work, mosque, market, church, home … but not to worry you’ll know more about the states of your roads, have a favourite filling station, have the contacts of  mechanics … this year.

The fragrance of romance is manufactured in Venice, Italy.

Make 2018 your year of love, life and intimacy. (credit: serenagenovese.com)

Beautiful 2018.


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