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Why Couples Need Family Planning.

When two lovers with gap-tooth meet some of their kids may not close the gate too.

Towards the end of December last year a woman was asking a senior citizen (a commercial bike rider) about his family and the man voiced about his new-born baby. The woman was taken aback and asked, “Omo melo leni?” How many kids do you have? and he said 10 and went further saying some of them were happily married.

The woman guessed correctly that the new mother must be his young wife and the man affirmed … she thereafter said the new wife won’t say no to the labour-room soon. “She would obviously want more kids and won’t stop on two regardless of how many kids you have already,” and the man heaved and said, “Yes!”

The masses are the ones that usually have kids in dozens and a typical family may boasts of a football team – 11! That’s why low-income neighbourhoods usually have plenty kids.

A family staying in one-room apartment may have 7 kids, their next-door neighbour in the same building may upload 6; another 5 and in one face-to-face storey building you might have 21 children or more and counting. Add kids from other buildings on the street to this and you see sea of KIDS.

It’s a mistake to be an illiterate or semi-literate, now manufacturing babies in cartons would make the situation worse.

Illiterates areĀ  low-income earners on a good day and that’s poverty maybe the beginning of poverty now having children you can’t cater for and comfortably sponsor their education is huge wahala. And in the end thisĀ  demographics end up producing many kids who are nuisance to society.

The society ‘denied’ them education now they are adding to the challenges of their societies which makes the vicious cycle stronger!

The rich don’t usually have many kids and those in polygamous homes who do have the capacity to cater for them.

Thank God my audience are lettered –

Have kids you can comfortably cater for and peradventure you’ve got a family, domestic staff, neighbour … who’s unlettered, it’s not a crime to enlighten same or refer them to healthcare facilities for guidance!

Clerics enlighten potential couples at your counseling sessions on the need to plan their families.


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