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As Sexy as Real Estate Business.

Prolific real estate investor Sijibomi Ogundele is in his mid 30s and reportedly a billionaire who doesn’t scream. (social media pic)

Real estate isn’t just sexy, seamless as well and hardly would you meet a wealthy man or woman who doesn’t have choice properties in big cities in their clime or beyond.

Real estate business is especially good for celebs, resources from endorsement deals, royalties … can be invested in real estate. Talk of residential buildings, estates, landed properties, shopping mall, events hall, park and gardens, office complex, hotel, warehouses, night clubs  ….

There are many entertainment celebs abroad and in Nigeria who had fame and fortune and were sensitive enough to invest smart and when fame said bye-bye fortune said, “Yes boss! I’m here!” In addition, once a celeb always one – the icing on the cake of fame!

Real estates come in varieties – you make instant profits in some projects, you realize your money and make profits overtime in others.


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