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Gifts from Parents. (Industry vs Indolence).

A Dangote is a Dangote regardless of marriage.

If you study the lifestyles of the rich vis-à-vis the poor you’ll discover that apart from the dichotomies in their level of education, there’s another factor which is probably stronger, bigger and it’s the differences in their lifestyles pertaining to time utilization.

‘Industry’ defines one while ‘indolence’ describe the other.

Now to every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities so not all poor people are actually lazy but if you study the lifestyles of many poor people you’ll discover that they are indolent, and lazy people have BIG idle time which is synonymous to small money. No vacuum in life and so gossip, sleep, idle talk … fill the vacancy in their lives.

Pathetically the poor many times pass the gene of poverty via laziness into their children and ward and generation unborn!

Now if they manage to send their children to higher institution the indolence, coupled with lack of money to get texts, do research online … may rob them of good grades.

Now a job applicant with no desirable contacts and good grades may not get job … and could get but with salary that does rally for 3 weeks because it can’t feed Sally a 10-year-old girl for a week – underemployment.

Let my People Go, but no the same indolence would say ‘I do’ in their business or career and in the end they become slightly better-off than their parents maybe worse-off sometimes.

If you doubt my argument visit any low-income neighbourhoods maybe slum at 12 or 1pm and you’ll see many dads with towel saying it is well yet imprisoned round their waists, chewing sticks teaching their teeth what industry means and mouths running trying to catch the information oozing out of the radio, religiously snoring on the bench … “Ba Ige, my pastor said 2018 will be our year of abundant blessings and phenomenal breakthrough and this fuel scarcity is just to discourage us and turn us to an ingrate so that the blessings would say bye-bye to us but we’ll defeat it,” voiced Baba Bose. “Amen. Amen. Amen!” the thunderous reply came from the mouth of Baba Ige.

But the rich sow the seeds of industry (by their words and actions) into their kids at a tender age. Many of these kids even work in their parents’ factories, offices, stores …..

See the difference!

Many Nigerians need enlightenment and re-orientation. There are those who need financial help, there are those who need orientations, instructions before financial assistance know the difference – empathy over sympathy here!

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