‘Biz in the Pic.’

And the angels in Nollywood actress Doris Simeon capture and captivate all.

Now Doris is an actress meaning she makes her money in make-believe, endorsement deals …. Entertainment is big business which pays the bills of filmmakers, producers, marketers, actors, editors, media players, costumiers, hoteliers, movie distributors, retailers ….

Literally now:

The white attire on the angel nicknamed Doris was made by a clothier maybe in Nigeria or abroad … but before the dress and numerous others get to retail stores the accounts of the fashion houses that churn out the outfits must have been credited. Now if  the actress bought at a boutique then the store owner must have been paid.

If you love fashion but not the designing aspect you can open a boutique and be a retailer instead of a designer. Money had exchanged hands before Doris finally jumped into the shoes.

You can major in just shoes and stock in your boutique or go learn the science and arts of making quality shoes – Popular Nigerian OAP Gbemi Olagbegi-Olateru is a Nigerian investor and entrepreneur in this line of business  – Gbémisókè Shoes.

No dulling for Doris and I can spot jewellery on her:

Now you can be a dealer in jewelries or even a jeweler – but you may need to travel out to go master jewellery artistry … perhaps you’re even a big time jeweler in Asia or wherever and you’re reading this right now and itching to instil jewellery-making skills in men and women alike, and so this article tickles your mind big time.

Fashion has its rules just as societies do and in order to avoid the arrest of fashion police on TV, magazine or social media you may need to enlist the services of wardrobe consultants – celebs, socialites and fashion icons are detailed and conscious of these laws and so they don’t rely basically on their perceptions and opinions.

Wardrobe consultants are schooled, skilled in fashion nomenclature and this class of people make money instructing, advising, shopping for celebs et al.

Luxury goods firms abroad – Gucci, Hermès, Prada, Hugo Boss … started from somewhere before transforming to world-class brands – people are behind such organizations and Nigerians are humans!

Women and phone. Yeah I can see one in the hands of D-o-r-i-s. As a youth, maybe retired but not tired senior citizen you can open small, medium or luxury phone stores in your clime.

Perhaps you’re Nigerian college graduate armed with phone-repairing skills and you major in repairing luxury phones, good. Good news. But you need to have contacts of upwardly mobile and elite class now even if you don’t, smart and aggressive marketing may work for you at the outset while referrals do the rest.

One luxury phone successfully repaired could fetch you #100,000 you know and more clients through word-of-mouth marketing. Be good. Update. Don’t be a local champion!

Source inspiration from this article and run with it whether you’re in South Africa maybe Canada, Ghana, India or wherever. 

Musicians are prophets you know and the late music legend Victor Olaiya in “Omo pupa o omo pupa l’emi nfe omo pupa o jowo ko feran mi o …” had Doris in mind when he sang the song, b-e-l-i-e-v-e me!

…. continues tomorrow

Mercy Aigbe, the birthday gal is a fashion icon and the smart girl is an entrepreneur in same.  We @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you long life, health, success and fulfilment. Happy Birthday in arrears!

Doris (the celeb on the spotlight) donned her posh attire to her plush owambe (birthday bash).

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