Coping Strategies that Negate Health and Wellness.

Many men visit pubs to socialize and some do to numb their pains. (pic credit: Shutterstock)

We all want to be happy, enjoy good health, savour peace of mind, have loyal friends, lovely family, and money to add honey and spice to all these variables.

But when it looks like we’ve failed we feel let down, bile bites and pours its venom in our minds thereby making our bliss hiss and we become low in spirit, moody, pensive maybe irritable and we’re likely to devise various strategies, mechanisms to weather the storms.

In fighting our challenges some express maladaptive behaviours while some don’t however it’s good to know the motivations behind people’s behaviours to label appropriately, as well as take decisive steps of reward or reprimand.

Psychologically speaking not everybody in night clubs are happy, in fact some use the facilities to fight their internal battles and use as escapism and not everyone that drinks himself to a level he becomes a nuisance is proud and happy doing same.

The plan of some is to offload their pains and possibly get back their groove. They believe they can use their loyal tools (which had probably worked for them in the past) to pick their shattered pieces in order to heal and probably peak their self-esteem.

If you saw a man who just lost his job partying hard, boozing like no tomorrow and singing on top of his voice don’t conclude he was happy to have lost his job. He could be sad and wanted to feel good but may end up being bad and feeling worse!

Maladaptive behaviours often compound negative issues we’re trying to run away from in the first instance so it’s better to play safe.

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