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Hijab Wardrobe.

Beauty peaks in brevity.

Fashion is extension of our personality as well as expression of our identity, feelings and beliefs. You can be conservative yet sophisticated; stylish and smart yet calm and reserved.

Birds of a feather flock together and your fashion is your feather, your style your signature.

If you’re always attracting wrong personalities in love, analyze your fashion because your feathers usually attracts similar birds.

Let’s check out our sisters from Northern Nigeria:

A p-r-i-n-c-e-s-s from the north. Modesty is brevity, decency in fashion, it commands respect from humanity.

Beauty glows, it shines through and covering up is an aspect of beauty, a form of pride.

Conservatively smart and pretty.

Women are females but some are royalty and brides. Don’t forget brides and pride are inseparable.

Your brains and body – the cake; beauty the icing on same. Hawking cake on the street diminishes its quality, essence and value – reception hall, dining table … hosts cake.

Suspense markets soaps, movies, concerts … and turns all these to blockbusters. Suspense is so intriguing, interesting! 

If we celebrate Sallah and Christmas everyday these festivals will lose their flavour, spice and taste. We walk on, spit on, pass wastes, dump refuse on sand because it’s ubiquitous and available but precious items – gold, diamond … are hidden.

Our brains are hidden they control our body and our delicate parts are special they become precious when hidden. Womanhood isn’t an item for sale on the street, market stall and as a woman preserve your dignity!

Jummah Mubarak to you all!

(Image credit: naij.ng)


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