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The Miracle Called Mistakes II

Love is beyond borders; it transcends race, age, space (Pic source; shutterstock).

Tanko entered the gaming centre and minutes later he was entering the numbers but later got stuck. He didn’t know if a particular number was 0 or 6 and didn’t want to call his brother because he knew his credit would die and to add ‘salt’ to his injury Musa would patiently shower rain of insults on him so it was no retreat no surrender for him and he entered 0 meanwhile it was 6!

And Musa the gambler won #20,000,000!

Musa made first class in Economics but jobs failed to accept his phenomenal success meanwhile with first class he had felt and concluded that it won’t take him 9 days to secure a very lucrative job but after 9 months of fruitless job search – offline, online, even Google helped him, he finally got frustrated and resorted to gaming and gambling.

Musa was Yakubu’s best friend but the gambling lifestyle he was leading distanced their minds with many miles though they were in the same city.

The jackpot instantly set all the nuts that were missing in his head and he vowed never to go near gaming centre. “I won’t even play common and innocent snake and ladder not even ludo,” he asserted.” Hmmm but man proposes, God disposes … but there was alignment here.

The minimum balance in his least prominent account, 1825 days later was # 30,000,000 even the #500,000 was the turnaround for Yakubu too and was already a millionaire before he finally married Mariam.

Mistakes like this happen in life though quite uncommon but it’s never a mistake. It’s a divine manipulation, a miracle we mistakenly label ‘mistakes’.



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