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Work vs Family.

Babies, kids of nowadays are smarter, they feel and think better.

It’s good to upgrade your life, to add life to your bank accounts, have investments here and there, savings as insurance … but as you hustle to and fro trying to execute those deals, make profits, please pause and ponder a bit, think of the little ones you have in your cradle at home.

Do what they’ll be proud of, be source of blessings, contacts … to them and even when you’re no more your good name will pave way for them.

Jobs are very jealous partners understandably but you need to smartly strike a healthy balance otherwise your exploits on the job could be a waste of effort, time and resources. Remember jobs are inanimate, they’ve got no life, can’t appreciate your sacrifice but kids have life and sense.

They feel one-on-one affection better, and sure it last longer.

Yes you’re working to better their lives but your presence does much more. You give them the very best of formal education but the poorest informal instructions which is a ticking time bomb.

Of what use is buying a chicken cage if you have no plans to rear chickens in them?

Parents A provide money and what money can buy; Parents B resources – money and what money can buy as well as affection, attention! Now can you spot the difference?

Illness has a way of catching up with many of us but the time spent on the sick bed could be avoided if we spend with her families. Money, luxury items, gadgets don’t make sense if you’re an office dad, a business mum.

Sometimes we’re not available because we don’t trust our employees, then get loyal staff and if it’s sign of insecurity try and find out why; you might need medical attention you know. Maybe we’re trying to run away from a bad spouse … is (s)he naturally bad or psychologically triggered? Nature or nurture or both?

Sir, perhaps you felt if you invest ‘office time’ in family the world will end, try it and believe me it won’t! See, no one is indispensable in life and your absence could cause a vacuum in your business, organization but temporarily, and later life goes on. How pathetic!

Don’t take life too serious!

“My mum is the woman on phone I only hear her voice, don’t see her but when I see her she’s on phone talking to another ‘child’ shouting, screaming at him but this aunty here is my ‘mum,’ she baths, cooks for me, takes me to school … !”

How saddening!

Dads take a cue as well!



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