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Beware of Lassa Fever!

Medics playing safe to stay hale and hearty.

Medics in healthcare facilities attend to patients with all sorts of health challenges and they can’t be too careful so be extra-careful.

Take precautionary measures before attending to your patients, while taking care of them and after administering treatments on them.

Dry season is here and it strips bushes of their clothing, coupled with the fact that many people (especially hunters) set bush on fire and so rodents run away from their homes – to human abode where they contaminate our foods, water with their urine, faeces …. 

Forget the type of rodents causing Lassa fever, decimate them without being selective. Keep your home and surroundings clean, your food items properly covered, kill rodents with traps et al but have your gloves on before contacting and disposing, and use hand sanitizer to clean-up afterwards.

Stay safe and keep your family safe!


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