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Fighting Lassa Fever.

Parents and teachers are tutors, mentors and together they educate, enlighten and advance their learners and protégés and finally transform them to well-rounded adults.

Infectious diseases spread rapidly amongst school children because of the proximity. In playing they grab, touch. They share their meals, drinks ….

One child with conjunctivitis could mean many kids with apolo as we call it here and their families at home may become infected as well. So schools need to be very proactive when it comes to health issues.

Personal hygiene prevents many ailments and improves many health challenges so parents and teachers should teach kids the subject called hygiene by actions and words. Environmental hygiene keeps your home and surroundings clean, personal hygiene keeps you, your food safe from germs.

Hand washing before, while and after cooking and washing your hands before and after using the restroom …. should be observed all ways, always.

In 2014 when news of Ebola was trending, banks in Lagos provided hand sanitizer for their customers, to curb the scourge and I guess it’s time banks, schools and other public places (especially in cities where Lassa Fever epidemic had been reported in Nigeria) replicated same.

Do the little you can in your home and community  – yes against the spread of Lassa Fever Disease.

Hand Washing using hand sanitizer or soap and water is hygienic. Very wholesome, awesome habit.

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