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See Your Sea of Blessings.

Friendship is indispensable for marital bliss and fulfilment. (photo credit: social media)

Familiarity they say breeds contempt but the good news stocked in this bitter truth is that once you are conscious of this you should be cautious not to take your partner for granted.

If you see your spouse as gifts, blessings, then gratitude will breathe in your mind and blossom in your heart.

You may not know this but many people want to be in your shoes but poor you, you focus more on the thorns and this edits the roses giving room to ill-feelings,  bitterness.

Irrespective of wealth, fame, power, influence, believe me if I tell you that life isn’t perfect for anyone but it’s complete for those who see As more than Cs and Fs.

Perhaps you feel world’s wealthiest people are the happiest or most contented … yes some have the head office of bliss and peace in them but many wine and dine with frustration, bitterness, anxiety ….

And again you’d concluded that you’ll be on top of the world when you become wealthy (though I don’t know if you’re Bill Gates or Carlos Slim Helu et al) but if you’re the man or woman next door I tell you, feel on top of the world now otherwise you might not then. Remember the more you have the more you’re likely to desire and go after and that could be very stressful.

Look around you and count your blessings – your spouse, house, kids, bills, job(s), cars, lovely family, awesome neighbours, loyal friends … stop postponing your bliss, peace, self-love and contentment!

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