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The Formidable Partnership, Friendship Between Sex and Sleep.

Sex and sleep grant bliss and health. (Photo credit: The FertileChiconline)

Sex and sleep are friends and identical twins. They are loyal tenants of Mr. Bed, the landlord! Though sleep and sex could also be observed elsewhere in the home aside bed and bedroom.

Sleep is sweet; sex pleasurable. If we can’t get good sleep in terms of quality and quantity we’re likely to have health issues now if you can’t get fulfilling sex as a man or woman overtime the health of your marriage could be jeopardized.

Therefore should anything affect your sound night’s rest, address early before it affects your health and in case your sex-life is being troubled try proactively resolve before it goes out-of-hand.

Good sleep is blessing to sex and great sex is gifts to sleep.

Splendid sleep is highway to health, lovely sex is pathway to health and resolving your health issues is better sex and addressing your sex challenges is loftier health!

Hmmm sex and sleep; sleep and sex!

Lovely night’s rest to you all!



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