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Let’s Talk About Inequality and Equality.

Equality in intimacy and life is fairness, equity and justice. (image credit: social media)

You told your son (an IT student) that you will sponsor his education till he rounds-off his HND programme and your daughter in ND 1 that once she’s through with her IT programme that’s the end of her education.

“Amira, once you finish your IT that’s the end of your education. I’ve tried and I deserve awards for even sponsoring your education beyond high school. Kitchen makes you high just as office makes men fly!” Alas.

Equality is giving her similar opportunities as her male sibling.

The CEO of a company says a woman can’t attain a particular position in his organization even if she’s better-off than her male counterparts. Some organizations, CEOs have undocumented policies that women can’t attain certain positions … so they feel, know without actually voicing same.

In the light of this, no matter a woman’s diligence, competence, sacrifice she may never get to the pinnacle of such organizations – what’s stopping her? Gender – inequality there!

Disenfranchisement: inequality is saying women can’t vote. Inequality is saying women can’t hold elective or appointive positions as well as saying women can’t drive?

Now because men don’t ‘donate blood to humanity’ they need no intimate towel but it’s perversion for a woman to feel that equality means she doesn’t need the item too, after all her male counterpart doesn’t?

This could be likened (though not at par) to a man lobbying and even protesting, carrying placards for maternity leave. Members of his gender will be his first opponents and many will label him ‘weird.’


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