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The Super-Packaging in Supermarket.

Supermarket experience isn’t just super, superb as well. (credit: social media)

It’s a life of packaging and exotic doesn’t necessarily mean classic or quality. Supermarket is a market maybe refined market.

Bend-down market where fairly-used clothes are sold is a market and Aswani market (Isolo Lagos) of old comes expressly to mind …. Pepper and tomato market in Sasha says ‘Welcome to Ibadan’ to trailers stocked with red vegetables coming from the north.

We’ve got conventional markets where all sorts of items ranging from foodstuff, groceries, to kitchen utensils, meat, fresh and dried fish … are sold yes talk of Bodija Ibadan; Mushin, Lagos ….

Ideal market plus packaging gives it ‘extra’ and that makes it a supermarket now you could buy body ointment for #500 in the conventional market but pay #750:00 or more for the same item in the supermarket.

The #250 difference is bill for packaging.

Who says you can’t convert your face-to-face property to flats? Who feels you can’t turn your daughter to bride (by sending to school and giving her quality education).

Now, that low-priced neighbourhood of yours could be upgraded should your power supply become relatively stable and it might if you cultivate the habits of paying your electricity bills promptly – power supply is worse but worse-off in neighbourhoods notorious for evading electricity bills but many do because they feel power companies are cheating them. Vicious cycle.

I know neighbourhoods whose house rent soars just because their power supply became relatively better.

It’s a life of packaging!



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