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Your Subconscious Minds on the Spotlight.

Omotunde Adebowale (aka Lolo1) is an OAP, actress cum comedienne which makes her face animate facebook. (credit: social media)

We all listen to radio (in our homes, offices or in traffic) and hear the voices of OAPs and overtime we bond and fall in love with some voices and have our favourites but many of us don’t bother taking a step further to know how they look like, and the personalities behind those voices religiously pushing their audio into our lazy ears.

Though radio has gone beyond audio and now involves video (image) big thanks to the Internet yet we prefer listening offline to listening or watching them online. Many times to conserve and use data for other things. In this part of the world we still stereotype radio so we imprison to hearing offline.


Now all along that you’ve been hearing the voices of OAPs your subconscious mind had been recording their images, personalities, statistics, complexion … and peradventure you meet them one-on-one parts of the information in your subconscious instantly spill into your conscious mind and you process and realize partly maybe wholly what you had been processing subconsciously (without being aware) all along.

However if you’re not sensitive enough you might not see the files from your subconscious on the table of your conscious mind.

If he’s dark-skinned and you were perceiving him fair all along you feel the disparity at first sight; if she’s tall and you thought petite you will feel the dichotomy and so on.

By extension as a fan of this site you have diverse information about me – some true, some false others an admixture of both but when (maybe if) you meet and relate with me you’ll know your subconscious had been archiving information about me.

Perhaps you had profiled and filed me as an angel – one who never gets angry, perfect in-and-out too caring, too sensitive, too understanding … hey I’m human just like everyone and angels live in heaven and I’m perfect at one thing – being imperfect though I try to improve on a daily basis.

So what am I saying? Our subconscious work hand-in-hand with our conscious minds and as our conscious minds are processing information our subconscious are not lagging behind, though many in fact most people are not aware of the jobs and workings of this dutiful PAs.

Lolo 1, Lawyer, OAP and actress.


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