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Too False to Be Fake. (II)

Love triangle has a sharp angle which could shatter hearts even lives. (Credit: social media)

Now because Ademola liked Mariam, it was easy, seamlessly easy for him to convert and transmit the affection of old to this new Mariam her look-alike and he soliloquized, “If I replaced hard-to-get Mariam with perhaps soft-to-get Mariam no sweat, after all God sent two women to me and I’d be a dunce and dullard not to catch one of them. I’ll pursue one and leave the other for another brother yeah I’m not selfish!”

He sashayed up to her like Bill Gates in White House (money and power) and cooed, “Hi pretty!” She smiled and voiced ‘hello!’ And he felt yes I said it she’s soft to get! And he began the script handed over to him by his ancestor (Adam to be precise) but in his context he didn’t say “This is now the bone-of-my-bone and flesh-of-my-flesh but:

“If I tell you that you resemble my sister you won’t believe me but to let you know I’m not trying to buy or sell love to you I’ll show you her pictures!” Ademola stuttered.

He reached for his pocket, brought out his phone and nudged the lady who was no longer giving him attention. “See, didn’t I tell you … I said it and it was so!”  The lady looked at it briefly and felt What a twin-sister but she pretended as if she wasn’t impressed. “Alright bro. Good day,” she voiced, then added bitter-leaf mixed with hot pepper to her face which now looks hot, angry and unfriendly and she finally packed and parceled her body without leaving her curves behind as jara for Ademola….

“This is no trouble but double blessings that I mustn’t walk away from,” I’m sure British music act Craig David knows this and will do remix, inspiration sourced from my experience!

 Ademola told his mind, “Ore, I thought you said she was cheap and soft to get? This one is harder than panla but her face was initially soft, softer than gala!”

He quickly followed her. Getting ladies’ mobile contacts wasn’t difficult for him but in this case he never knew the lady in question won’t release her contact otherwise he would have used his tested and trusted Bluetooth. You care to know? No way I won’t tell you and again who says it could work for all ladies?

“Beauty let me keep in touch with you now!”


“You’re an angel one meets once in a lifetime and I crave the blessings of this angel!”

“In that case, God bless you!”

“No, not that! Your mobile no. so you can voice ‘God bless you’ many times, particularly at night and early in the morning.”


To cut the long story short, while they were dragging the issue at hand, Ademola met a friend’s friend who knew the lady quite well and exchanged pleasantries with both of them – the lady and Ademola. Ademola pestered his ‘Mariam’ for about 20 seconds more and finally left knowing full well that he already had her mobile contact. He tarried more, pestered more to prevent her from suspecting that he was planning to access her contact via the guy that walked past.

The new Mariam was incidentally Marian and it didn’t take long before Ademola began to date her – but it actually took her 9 years to endorse Ademola’s love. Sorry 9 months but it was like 9 years to Madam Atinuke’s son.

About 9 months into their relationship (Ademola-Marian) the two love-birds had misunderstandings and the devil uploaded huge distance (Mile 1 Port Harcourt to Mile 2 Lagos) between their hearts and the lacuna brought Mariam (Ademola’s first love) closer to him … and before long they started dating.

Interestingly the love that went to tomb (Ademola-Marian union) giving womb to (Ademola-Mariam affair) suddenly came back to life. And so Ademola began to date two ‘sisters’ and when it got to whom to finally choose as life-partner he became confused and couldn’t dribble his way out of the dilemma like Messi on the football pitch and the matter became messy, messier overtime.

Months later, Marian got pregnant same with Mariam and so Ademola’s status changed from ‘bachelor’ to baby daddy in waiting. Medically, practically speaking Marian conceived first and Mariam a week later. The sex that sowed baby in Marian was on December 5; the other version that planted baby in Mariam was December 11 but Mariam delivered of her baby girl, Maureen 6 days earlier. Marian’s daughter who was senior in the womb was named Noreen.

Now because Maureen and Noreen were fathered by the same dad and their mums were look-alikes the girls were like twins just as their mums were.

Ademola’s parents never wanted their son to marry two wives – his dad saw it as too early; his mum detested the ideology completely. I know you know that I like puzzles and so I repeatedly garnish my stories with same.

Before I close the gate to the story now who’s older between Maureen and Noreen? Bearing in mind that Noreen was older in the womb but Maureen in life.

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