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Life as Routine.

Gridlock is the lot of many big cities the world over. (image credit: social media)

Life is a routine – weekdays run their race and hand over the baton to weekends which do similarly and then pass their energy to the former. In addition we go to work maybe school beat or face traffic in the morning replicate same in the evening get back home tired, eat, observe some things and off to bed. Routine.

If one isn’t careful life could become boring, very boring and monotonous but you can break its shackles.

Now you can add spice to your routine and make interesting. Take another route to work this morning or maybe in the week – choose not to hiss, blare your horn or bark at other motorists instead derive pleasure in the moment. Enjoy the moment.

Look at the nice buildings around, bridges, smart vis-à-vis old-fashioned cars which used to command respect then – talk of 505 (Evolution) hmmm Government official car: Peugeot 504 you might not be fortunate to spot Peugeot 404, Passat, Santana and the like.

Hey Daewoo Racer – can anyone recollect the advert 22, 22 Daewoo Racer of the 90s?

As a student of GSS Ilorin I still remember the then Governor Shabba Lafiaji’s visit to the school and his entourage which boasts of Peugeot 504. How time flies!

Be that as it may, now that road you take to your office maybe school, workshop or store has many landmarks – perhaps there’s a dilapidated maybe old building sleeping and snoring with no occupants for the past 20 years … you could source inspiration from there.

You might see a fire service station you never knew existed, old gas station, facility used as police station, schools … and of course that educated, pretty and smartly-dressed road traffic warden – yes that yellow ‘yellow-fever’ (maybe your wifey) and that intelligent, diligent officer whom you never bothered to say ‘hi’ to.

Hey you never saw this billboard with the advert of a school good for your children and very close to your office ….

Life is ironic; good and bad are neighbours and we don’t see many wonderful things around horrible or frustrating situations because we expect opportunities to be Beauty Queens and models.

Hell is always on your face though you fear and detests same, hiss has built its head-office on your lips, you hit your steering wheel at will but you’d been experiencing this traffic issue for over 20 years maybe less or more yet you never changed and you pray to God to give you the courage to bear what you can’t change. Hmmmm!

Traffic is a potential stressor but it becomes stressor once you open the gate of your mind to it but there are many other road-users in your shoes who chose to enjoy the moment.

They smile, make friends with and tease hawkers who run after cars, buses … just to sell their wares and make ends meet.

Walnut Usain Bolt … one day you’ll run for Nigeria at the Olympics!” And you hear various tones and shades of laughter in the wake of that banter.

Perhaps some come close to your car window with ‘Oga, chips,’ believe me they are not cheap but doing legitimate business – but criminals are – including corrupt leaders, fraudsters ….

Some sell bottle maybe sachet water, car charger, wiper … some even avail themselves of the gridlock to wash dirty or even clean windscreen – you may not know but some of them might have known you over the years that you always bark when anyone comes around to do ‘make-up’ for your car windscreen – if that’s your attitude.

Please smile a bit, better still smile for me as Afro pop singer Simi sang. Don’t take life too serious. Don’t send invite or allow hypertension to gatecrash into your system it could trigger heart attack and other heart diseases.

Remember traffic is inanimate and it’s not the gridlock that’s making you feel bad, it’s got the potential though, but you allowed it by buying the items it was hawking in go-slow.

Love life. Show gratitude to God.

Now smile for me!

Blessed and brilliant week to you all!


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