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‘Deflection in Love and Life’.

We crave many awesome things in love that we desire in life.

Staff members of commercial banks move from one bank to another not talking of branch but deflecting from ‘Distinct Bank’ to ‘Capital Exploits Bank’. Journalists, newscasters too switch from one media house to another and I know many journalists, newscasters who had switched from one media house to another.

Footballers are not exempted – when Philippe Coutinho was an EPL player my eyes were on him  for long – thanks to his exploits, romantic goals but I never knew Barcelona were eyeing him as well. Alexis Sanchez moved from Arsenal to Man. United; having renounced and dropped his ‘gun’ to become a Red Devil same way Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left Borussia Dortmund for Arsenal.

Football fans too have no immunity against ‘porting’ and many have switched allegiance and many more will move from one club to another in the future. Political porting is not news to us in Nigeria and many politicians change parties like cutting hair in the barbing salon.

Philips in Southampton was angry over the porting of Alexis Sanchez to Man. Untied and as he was lamenting at the dinner table so Danielle, his wife teased him, “Darling, did you know that the management of Top Grade Schools detest your leaving their school for Minds Mine same way you disliked the moves of Sanchez. But understandably you left because the latter pays better and more prestigious and we need more money and fame in our home. Great hubby and daddy there! But I want you to put yourself in Sanchez’s shoes … big daddy you know I love you and I don’t want you to have hypertension for something you’re equally guilty of!”

Philips’ hands suddenly grew weak and his fork escaped and landed on his dish which screamed as a result of the injections from the fork. He regarded his wife with calm and calculative eyes and knew she was right but went on the defensive, “Can you compare my salary with Sanchez’s wages? He should be contented!”

However, Philips ruminated over the matter when he was through with his wife in bed – the same man that falls asleep before rounding off his wife’s assignment now awake minutes after the latter had slept.

Singles too jilt one another – Paris says bye-bye to Larry and Oyakhire alighted from his trip of love with Nosa pitching his tent with Florence.

Couples divorce and many times remarry after months or years while some don’t bother remarrying. In addition singles that never embarked on dating mission with themselves may call it quit before love begun and move on.

So what do we want in love and life? We want satisfaction, accomplishment, fulfilment and the heart doesn’t tarry where there’s dissatisfaction.

We want love, bliss, peace, more money, promotion, feedback, success, value, gratitude, productivity, longevity, self-accomplishment, fulfilled dreams, fulfillment and anything that comes in the way of one or more of these we resist and reject by quitting and moving on.  

Many times we feel the grass is greener on the other side and many times it’s not only greener it’s got bountiful harvest in stock and waiting to be tapped, but sometimes the grass could be drier than where we were initially.

Therefore we need patience and prayers, we need to seek advice, counsel … our emotions may becloud our good judgment and a neutral observer (regardless of age, experience …) might see things the way they truly are so we need to sample opinions, seek instructions … before embarking on drastic steps whose dramatic impact could make or mar us. 

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