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Love Games and Strategies (Val. Mode)

It’s a life filled to the brim with options and we need good judgement to succeed in love and life.

If as a woman you’ve got many potential dates and you’re planning how to outsmart all save one – perhaps the richest then you’re olosho.

If as a man you’ve got many women on your list and you’re confused on whom to go out with – hey you just won the award for oshomo of the year 2017 and likely to win another – yeah back-to-back trophy.

If your account is empty but not your head for you already mapped out smart strategies to stop your pocket from having head-on-collision with bills thereby sustaining further injuries then kudos to you – honesty is golden though!

Oga boss this isn’t the time to put fight where there was none, perhaps bring out issues you’d preserved and serve hot for Mrs. just to escape from her on February 14 and prevent your pocket from bleeding.

Above all, show love by caring, sharing and giving.

However be careful, exercise restraint. Nothing is pursuing you so don’t enter the territory of HIV/STIs to become a refugee.

Baby mama and baby daddy syndrome most times are experiments, experiences of unprotected sex. 

Be faithful as couple; abstain as singles and if you can’t follow the instructions then use contraceptives correctly and consistently!

(Image: Toke Makinwa; profession media personality; credit: social media)


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