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Loan-Debt Expressway (II)

Financial literacy is a college in life on its own after all the slave-master line is microscopic and money could easily turn his master to servant. (image credit: social media)

2 days later Rev. Ademulegun met with Deacon Abraham his church secretary whom he dubbed ‘accountable accountant’.

 “Deacon Abbey please withdraw the #1,000,000 left in the church’s account we need to sow our widow’s mite to the cause of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) the news I’m hearing about their pathetic condition is alarming and I just pledged the amount few hours back!”

But the pathetic condition of Ibrahim the man who started the chain reaction was disgusting too and the amount left in the church’s account was #800,000. Sister Lara had borrowed #200,000.

Yepa accountable accountant was no longer accountable! And he began to sweat. No kobo had ever gone missing in the money kept under his custody from Day 1 – now 30 years, 11 months 30 days and 12 hours BUT no longer counting!  

Deacon gasped and managed to release hot-cold words “Reverend. Reverend. Evrend … it’s it’s … not so much an emergency! Let me withdraw it tomorrow?” the couch he was sitting on became rebellious and he shifted lazily to arrest the coup plotter but his butt became butter with no bones. No support. No anchor. And he shifted ‘his curves’ to and fro as if twerking to Baddo’s hip-hop music Baddo you’re bad o!

Deacon Abbey found his voice once again, “Rev. church is no NGO we should be smart about this whole thing you know a corrupt society has corrupt people on the roof, at the lintel as well as foundation so if we sow our sweat it could end in someone’s pocket you know!” At this juncture Rev. Ademulegun knew something was amiss! He felt Deacon had finally compromised and swallowed church money like python. But he never knew it was just #200,000 that went missing. He took it up!

Sister Lara borrowed #200,000 from Deacon Abraham for her hubby (Bro. Bolu) who wasn’t in need of it but borrowed it for his friend, Alex but the money wasn’t meant for Alex and so still on the highway yes it was meant for Femi and Femi wasn’t going to use it to settle some bills for it was for his friend Ibrahim – the end user! See chain reaction. See w-a-h-a-l-a! See i-s-s-u-e-s. See k-i-n-d-n-e-s-s! See humanity in people!

Police arrested Deacon Abraham for stealing his church’s funds and he took them to Sister Lara who needed the money … the latter said she borrowed the money for her hubby, Bro. Bolu. Bro was nabbed and he said he didn’t spend a kobo in it for it was meant for his friend Alex, police arrested Alex who took them to Femi and Femi finally brought them to the doorstep of Ibrahim who used the #200,000 to settle hospital bills gulped by his wife who had delivered of twins and his daughter who took ill in the same hospital.

In the end Femi, Alex, Bro. Bolu and Sister Lara were released but Ibrahim and Deacon Abraham weren’t given the liberty! Ibrahim started the chain reaction and it ended with Deacon Abraham. And rumour mill went agog. They had been defrauding the church for long unknown to us. Muslim-Christian team, thieves stealing church funds. Are they families? One Ibrahim, another Abraham ….

People called Ibrahim and Deacon Abraham thieves deleting all others along the chain reaction.

Now this could be ludicrously likened to the phenomenon of primacy and recency in memory and recall in Psychology whereby the first and last items in a serial list are likely to be remembered than those in the middle please forget the ‘why’ and ‘how’ technical details! In addition don’t forget Ibrahim and Abraham are related – Ibrahim is to Muslims what Abraham is to Christians!

Rev. Ademulegun finally settled the dust one Sunday morning. Instead of his usual sermon he highlighted this heart-touching story and went ahead to tell the whole congregation to apologize to Deacon Abraham and pray for Ibrahim and his family. Instead of collecting the #200,000 they gave him more gifts.

Accountable accountant was transparent and accountable after all but sure he learnt his lesson!

It’s less than 48 hours to Val. Happy Val.

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