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Loan-Debt Expressway.

Love and humanity involve loads of sacrifices. (credit: social media)

I guess none in his right senses would want to (of his own free will) access this route … though many times in life we can’t help it. This highway leads to loan entanglements, bitterness, bickering, blaming, bad blood ….

Dada told Bala that Bada has agreed we go to Badagry so please fasten your seatbelt and let’s roll!

Ibrahim based in Badagry was caught in an emergency, he was cash-strapped and so he ran to his best friend Femi to obtain loan from him but the latter just came back from Brooklyn having just offset his loan sourced from co-operative society.

You know the situation you find yourself when you pay back your debt and you feel you’re smart only for one useless thought to slap your mind with You’re still broke, fool! and instead of smiling you’re lamenting, regretting why you didn’t delay payment after all your creditor wasn’t complaining – the pathetic case of Femi!

Nonetheless he didn’t want to disappoint his friend so he told Ibrahim to come back in the evening of the following day. “Next day! ah prisoners who are not criminals!” screamed Ibrahim but Femi didn’t hear after all the noise came from Ibrahim’s heart. You’ll know why in the end.

Femi contacted his friend and colleague, Alex few hours later but the latter just paid his children’s school fees and house rent a day earlier. Alex liked Femi and trusted him so if he couldn’t help he could reach out to another Samaritan who could do and so later that evening he went to communicate his needs to his fellow congregant (Bro. Bolu) who stayed down his street. Bro. Bolu was disappointed he couldn’t help another congregant but he didn’t give up so he asked his wife (sister Lara) to lend him ….

Alas, Sister Lara had made provision for her clients having stocked her store with gifts in readiness for St. Valentine’s Day. She knew her hubby always return any money he borrows from her with interest and this was great opportunity for her to make quick money so she ran to her church’s financial secretary Deacon Abraham who couldn’t say no to her request after all she was her age-long benefactor and so Deacon thought he had no option than to dip his hands into church’s treasury.

Sister Lara promised to return same within 2 weeks and church may not need it in 4 months and so he told Sister Lara to wait for him while he took his debit card and drove to the nearest ATM facility. This issue is becoming complex o!

Deacon came back with the money. How much was even the money ….



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