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‘Minimal Intimate Contacts with Maximum Effects.’

Intimacy is an indicator of friendship in marriage.

I label it minimal contacts to differentiate it from sex but it’s not subtle, in fact it’s the real deal.

Holding hands, hugging, backslapping, stroking, kissing, necking are intimate contacts that whispers all is well.

Sex doesn’t necessarily mean all is well in fact it could mean let my people go which could be likened to giving cookie to a child throwing tantrums for peace to reign.

At times the motivation behind sex is ‘let me just sleep with him to starve him of excuses … and possibly stop him from engaging in extra-marital sex.’

The man on the other hand might feel guilty not meeting his wife’s sensual and conjugal needs and may demand sex not as expression of love but obligation.

These subtle contacts can bridge your hearts after disconnect, awesome for assurance, re-assurance and insurance … yes they secure your marriage by bringing back the dying passion and trigger fireworks.

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