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Partnership and Teamwork in the Spiritual Realm.

We need God to weather stoically the storms of life.

Just as we have people partnering in business, we’ve got those who’re partners in sports, music … sometimes they split, at times they don’t. Some people become susceptible to unprovoked attacks in life because of their special gifts some are guilty because they are innocent and some actually trigger attacks because of their own undoing.

Medics partner and refer their patients to other wards, hospitals (specialist hospitals) … clerics partner to fast, pray for someone … and in the corporate world sponsorship, endorsement deals are all forms of partnership.

Team of lawyers led by one senior lawyer isn’t new in court and court cases, there’s also team of surgeons performing operations on patients and the like. Renowned surgeon Ben Carson led many other surgeons in performing many successful surgeries.

All these highlight the essence and significance of partnership.

Even a typical marriage which involves union between a man and woman (couple) is partnership in love and together they procreate and nurture their kids through childhood to adulthood.

“Let us make man in our own image,” … divine partnership which triggered humanity.

Now just as we have the good, we’ve got the bad as well!

If someone hurts a family member he’s likely to attract the wrath of the whole family. A man who burgles a home and later caught will be seen by the members of such home as evil, maybe their enemy No. 1 interestingly the thief might even perceive members of that family as enemy too most especially if he feels they are potential threats to his own safety in the future.

An elderly man who manipulated, molested and impregnated the 16-year-old daughter of his driver but instead of taking responsibility took her for abortion and unfortunately lost the girl had done evil and prone to negative energy from members of the poor girl’s family. Cultists sometimes contact their partners in other institutions to come attack members of other rival cult groups.

Sharks have very sharp sense of smell and could easily pick the smell from a drop of blood many miles away … and within minutes many sharks might gravitate and surround the potential prey … now as it is in animal world so it is in the jungle called life.

God is invisible, invincible but He massively impacts life and humanity. Of course He’s got agents, events, vessels (mankind) which He uses as tools to achieve his goals. Mind you He could use good or evil people; good or bad situations to advance and realize His aims and objectives in life.

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