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3 Types of Women (Type C).

There’s more to life than just fun, merriment and entertainment.

Type C: any of the three types could have sublime beauty but type C women make an intense fuss about their beauty and body which makes them narcissistic.

She flaunts and force her assets on anyone at anytime. Classy, sexy, trendy profiles her and a slay queen any day.

She’s educated, likes vacations to lovely places around the world but may not like to work and so prefer a very rich man to be ‘sponsoring her life,’ her expensive life.

She’s got weakness for Gucci, Prada, D&G … and unapologetically, unrepentantly leads luxury lifestyle likely to be an Internet sensation, Instagram queen with intimidating fans, followers and following. She uploads videos of herself twerking … does promos, exhibitions and advertises her famous curves: atrocious bust, calamitous butt.

She breathes fashion and style and showcases her talents of wardrobe baring on social media.

She could be working but not necessarily to make money. She’s an online person, social media her best friend.

If single, can’t wait to marry the richest man in town and intimidate big time online, offline with luxury items, exotic trips, ‘customized baby bumps’ ….

She loves parties and Friday nights set her heart on fire, doesn’t mind breakfast in bed, housemaid at her beck and call … she’s an extremist, loves fun doesn’t care if her CV rots away. She loves soaps, shows, home video, concerts, entertainments with no limits, shopping, movies … the air she breathes. 

Many times she doesn’t know her right let alone fight for same in so far as her needs are promptly and properly met. Many wealthy men find these women attractive but many times they perceive them as toys, items of decoration, babies to be spoilt rotten. They are babes with the label barbie!

In rounding off this series, many men are intimidated by Type A women, but Type C women are seen as liability, no thanks to their high maintenance culture, unrealistic nature, too superficial … and their loyalty is as light as feathers, which could be carried away if wealth flies away or she meets a richer partner!

Type B women are an admixture of type A and C. They usurp and upload the strengths, best traits of A and C and strike a healthy balance which makes them have universal appeal.





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